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A hidden gem in the Ocean - Coco Island

Coco Island, also known as Keeling Island, is a territory of Australia that is located in the Indian Ocean. This island is surrounded by Christmas Islands to its North West, and it is located between Australia and Sri Lanka.  Coco Island is a constellation of some 27 islands and 2 islets. The official language is English. The capital city of Coco Island is West Island which doubles as the largest city in Coco Island.  The Coco Island is under the British Monarch.

The interesting facts and figures that are ascribed to this island are as follows:

  • 1955: the year that Australia was granted territorial control of Coco Island from the British who had laid claim to this property since the year 1857.
  • 14: this is the size of the territory of this Island, specifically 14 square kilometers.
  • 600: the population of this island nation as per official statistics of the year 2010.
  • 61 891: this is the official calling code of Coco island (Keeling Island).
  • 1995: the year the Pulu Keeling National Park was officially opened. This park is the only existing home of the Coco island’s Buff banded Rail.
  • The main economic activity of this area is a growing tourism industry that is steadily becoming the mainstay of the countries economy.

In the last decade, the tourism sector has been the largest employer among all economic sectors in Coco Island. There is growing importance of this island, mainly because its proximity to the Indian Ocean and South China shipping lanes.

This confluence of shipping routes along Coco Island means that this is a location of major geopolitical influence to the island’s economy.

There is a wide range of activities that you can indulge in when you visit Coco Island. Some of these activities are listed below:

  • Deep sea diving: this is the primary activity that any one who is on holiday in coco island should indulge in. You simply cannot miss the thrill of this sport.
  • Bird watching: One can also spend their time bird watching. Ideally, this is an activity that is facilitated by the Department of Wildlife. In reality, what one can and can’t do is only limited by their imagination.

It pays to keep in mind that although this is a small island there is a reliable mode of transport within the island. This is facilitated by the availability of car hire firms that operate within the coco island. The car rental firms here are independently operated, and individuals are spoilt as there are numerous car hire agencies in Coco Island.

The car rental agencies in Coco Island vary from premium car hire companies to cheap car hire firms. If you are here on a budget, you will be glad to hear that cheap car hire firms here in coco island offer very well air conditioned and serviced cars. See the world, make your visit to Coco Island and rent a car to explore this great island.

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